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Angie Juarez Castaneda 
Tuesday, 17. October 2006 13:50 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Let me start w/ my condolence's to the family on their loss of a beautiful artist. Not only have I lost an incredible TexMex singer, but my family has as well. He was always a part of our family functions, weddings and funerals through his music we found joy and sadness. He was my inspiration through my hardships in life. His music comfort my soul through many sleepless nights. As an artist Freddy Fender was a proud singer of our Mexican American heritage and he never forgot where he came from. I have followed Freddy when he visited Southern California and Laughlin, Nevada. Freddy's music was happy, sad and entertaining. His music will live forever. Freddy Fender is an artist that will truly be missed forever by many.