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Anthony Frederick 
White Marsh, Maryland
Tuesday, 17. October 2006 16:59 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I would like to send my Blessing for the Family. He had good Spirits and he had a good Soul. A sweet story: My Grandparents met Freddy in the 70's and they said he was so nice! He signed an album that featured alot of Freddy's original raw band sounds and the original Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and it sounded better than the major label version because it was a live sounding recording! I LOVE the whole album and pay it to this day!!!I am sure my Grandfather struck a good conversation with him! haha! I love it! When I was young and saw this album, I saw his Fender guitar and I actually thought that was wild how his last name was the same as the guitar. DeJa VU! I give all of my love to the family and I hope you all can be happy as for Freddy would really enjoy seeing you all smile and feel that his Spirit is there. Peace with you all.


Anthony Frederick