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Escobar Family 
San Bernardino, CA
Tuesday, 17. October 2006 22:02 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Freddy 15 years ago you made me so happy, you made a special appearance at my Quincenera at the request of your old buddy Jesse my grandfather. I had the pleasure of talking with you last year at the San Manuel Casino in California, when you had the concert and brought the house down it was so great. We talked alittle about my grandfather who I lost 6 years ago and you were not aware of his death. Now you two can rejoice and sing in the heavens together. My grandfather was also from San Benito and he started his band there also (know as San Benito Alegre). I am honoured to have know such a sweet man, freddy fender who took the time to talk to me when he was actually signing autographs after his concert. You will be greatly missed by your buddies, White boy Auggie Meyers, Allen Riche, and the man from down under. You will be greatly missed but your legacy and music lives on. Thank you for all the good times.
To the Huerta familia, I know you are very proud Freddy. He filled many hearts with happiness with such beautiful songs. He will be greatly missed but will remain in your hearts forever, thank you for sharing him with all his fans. May God Bless you in this time of need.

His fan forever.
Escobar familia de texas