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Sara L. Soltero ( Calderon 
Santa Maria Ca.
Tuesday, 17. October 2006 23:40 Host: Write a comment

I wrote in your book on Sunday and I was talking to my sisters and we all started to cry, then, my sister Alice said to us I can't belive daddy play wasted days and wasted night for my wedding song, we started to laugh. You see my dad , mom & nana have now pass on . My mom was the last to go and she was his Biggest fan . we play his music when we were planting a rose plant for her one yr. passing. You can take the people out of texas but you can never take texan out people. my famliy was born and raise in texas from nixon ,san antonio,el paso , gonzales.corpus. the list goes on and on ,we still have family out there and they still play the real soul of music ...... I know my mom & and dad are just jumping for joy now , they're sad to see him there but at the same time there telling him take our hand we will show you the way ....