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adan cadena 
Wednesday, 18. October 2006 13:56 Host: Write a comment

My heartfelt condolenses to the Huerta family for as I was told by my mother we were 2nd or 3rd degree cousins,My mother's maiden name was Alvina Cano Cuevas and so the story goes Valdemar's mother and mine were cousins As I was told he was born in Uvalde or Carrizo Springs Texas, I was born in Runge Texas.
The first song I remember, and I could be wrong, sung by Freddie was (Since I Met You Baby) around the late 50's. I met Freddie after his jail time in Santa Rosa Texas at Bea's bar in the Rio grande valley, I think he was going to sing at La Villita dance hall in San Benito Texas.
That made my day and the rest of my life since I knew a famous relative.
Without knowing Freddie was kin on a trip from southern Ca. to Portland Oregon my youngest daughter said daddy I want to listen to freddie.s songs all the way to Portland.
Goodby Cuz (primo) See you and hope to sing with you in the afterlife.
Adan Cadena Salinas Cano Cuevas