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Greg Hagins 
Redondo Beach,Califm 90027
Thursday, 19. October 2006 01:37 Host: Write a comment

I have loved and folowed Freddys music since I was 12. I an now 52, I have had the privalidge of meeting Freddy , Doug, Auggie and Flacko on sevaral occasions. I just loved all thst they did. They treated all fans with a real down home, everybodys the same type attitude. I spoke with Freddy and Doug back in the early 90's at a gig at the House Blues. I gave them selection of songs I wanted to Hear and in what order.They said Ok like I was someone important and said we will see what they could do. They mixed it up a little but played all I asked for. At the end of the set. Doug called me out on the PA and asked " Greg did we cover your Songs? I went up on the stage and replied by sayin. " My brother thought I was crazy for asking. Freddy replied by saing " All you gotta do is tell us what you want to Hear. The custumer is all ways right." I all most peade my pants. Anyone wannting to share stories please email me at or call me at 310 720-9461. A True Fan, Greg Hagins If you got the Denero I got a Camero. Cheers