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Nubia Moctezuma 
Newark, California
Thursday, 19. October 2006 14:50 IP: Write a comment

"We will miss Freddy Fender dearly".
I remember hearing his song at the age of 6 yrs old when my mother use to play "Wastedays&Wastednights". I fell in love with that song. When my parents & relatives would have a party, everyone would gather around and would sing till the kids got tired. "Freddy Fender" has gave me so many special memories in my childhood that he will be "MISSED DEARLY"

Freddy: You are the rain, the sun and the light. We will always remember you for you brought joy & laughter in my home. There will never be another that brought Mexican & Mexican-American pride. You're family were "BLESSED" to have someone in their life to represent the Hipanics of the world". "We love You Freddy"

Nubia Moctezuma