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Tony Hernandez 
Thursday, 19. October 2006 14:55 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

My condelance to the Huerta Family.My name is Tony, Aka Lowrider: and Freddy was a good freind of my. I'm from SanAnto Tejas now live in kansas and I also have Bone Cancer and don,t have much to live either,I talk to Freddy and auggie and told them about my health and he told me God only takes the best besides he said you have 30 son and daughter praying you.we laugh and talk about.That was over a year ago when he said we could do a fund raising to help me with my bills.BUT LIKE HE TOLD ME GOD ONLY TAKE THE BEST AND HE DOSE.I'm sorry I couldn't make to the Funeral.My ph is 913 371 7165 could Auggie or Flaco or Santigo call me please...Tu amigo el lowrider de SanAnto