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Polo Esparza 
Phoenix , Arizona
Saturday, 6. April 2013 13:39 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I come back to this site every now and then.Its crazy i seen Freddy when i was young boy with my mom and sister at the Arizona state fair even waited on a signed picture. Never realized the impact that man would make on my life with his music. Then i realized how much him and my dad looked alike . Funny my dads been many times asked and announce when out if he is Freedy Fender the likeness is there the mustash and look is there. Dont get me wrong he is not in no way a impersonator or tried to be just a great man from Eagle Pass, Tx that has that rough TEJANO look. Well i feel i will continue to listen and pass on Freddy's music to my family till i no longer can listen.Even when that day comes and i can longer can listen to his music it is part of the music to play on my last day here. To me one of the best that god blessed us with in the music industry. Wish i could have seen him one more time to appreciate the music live.