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manny gutierrez 
baker city, oregon
Friday, 20. October 2006 15:35 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

i remember i first heard freddy fender's before the next teardrop falls and wasted days , at the caballo blanco rest . on franklin blvd. in sacramento those table juke boxes,those were the days freddy ruled the latin music world as well as the country music scene. i worked til 3 am on weekends went to school on week days, played my guitar every chance i had.i tell you i must have heard his songs at least 15 times a night at that rest, and i loved each time they played his songs . i played guitar with many friends ,like manuel avalos and los uniques,the sons of soul, popcorn,mg and the metallics,little cesear band , los ritmo 7 , , salt lick # 39 ,the snake river outlaws, sammy acuna and the mellomatics,i met merle haggard,mel tillis, and craig einhorn of ugene or , he plays with mason williams .. anyway i've never met anyone as nice as freddie fender was to me , he was totally down to earth and in my book i will always be his biggest fan in baker city oregon.peace to you freddy ,para siempre manny gutierrez