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Carole Canant 
New Orleans,Louisiana
Saturday, 21. October 2006 10:44 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Vangie, I hope that you and your kids are holding up allright. Freddy would want only the best for all of you.Would you please tell Mel that his big brother is still watching over him. That was Freddys way. I met you and Freddy and Mel at the star dedication in Corpus Christy. My aunt and I drove there from New Orleans. I could'nt afford to attend Freddys memorials but I hope to be in San Banito when they open Freddys museum. Please tell Marla thanks for the last four years of Freddys life. If not for her unselfish donation of her kidney to her father I'm sure he would not have had the last four years. I met Freddy at his fifty year party, and again three times after that. It was only because of Marla that I have those wonderful memories that I'll always have in my heart.Thank you Marla with all of my heart. Your dad will alays be Our Texas Angel. Best wishes Freddys fan Carole