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manny gutierrez 
baker city or
Monday, 30. October 2006 22:17 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

i wrote a song/poem for vangie and said you'd love me forever..and you'll never set me free.. you kept that promise that you made dear.. for that,i'll hold you always next to me..throught the years,we've grown closer together..our hair began to show our would pick up the bible on the table.. and would read it to me page by page..your eyes began to show a teardrop..when i looked into your eyes and said goodbye.. as i closed my lips i slowly whispered .. my love for you will never die..and when the good lord came a was time to close the curtain..when the teardrops started falling..don't fret my dear,for i'll be near,just raise your head up high..for i'll be just above you ,singing in the sky... for vangie..manny gutierrez 10/30/06