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George Rodriguez Jr. 
Joliet, IL
Saturday, 11. November 2006 02:02 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I remember Freddie Fender from many years ago, thru my dad who was from San Benito, Texas, El Jardin..... He came out to Joliet, IL. once and sang at my uncle Jose's Club, called the "Spanish/America" Club, everyone was in awe.... Freddie knew my dad & my family, George Rodrigues Sr. for many years.. He brought alot of happy singing and dancing thru out all the years, and I felt he was so down to earth, he was like one of us..... I am proud to say I knew this GREAT TEX/MEX COUNTRY singer,,,,, the angels will be harnonizing with him..... they have a great addition....

Thank You for the memories,

George Rodriguez Jr.