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L Haden 
Southwest Missouri
Saturday, 18. November 2006 05:36 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was very shocked to hear about the loss of Freddy Fender....

When Freddy had his Resturant and Theatre in Branson, Missouri my Father Jack Haden was a cook at his Resturant and was great friends with Freddy. I went to his show many times and one time I got way to close to Freddy and snapped a picture (with flash) and as I was walking back to my chair Freddy made his hand look like a gun and shot me. :) :) My favorite part of the show was his mareachie band comeing out playing thier hearts out walking through the isles in the theatre going up to the stage.

Freddy gave me a Limited Edition belt buckle with his name on it and I will keep it with me forever to remind me what a great singer/person Freddy was.

RIP Freddy.