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Mary Deases Peralez 
Corpus Christi
Tuesday, 28. November 2006 23:01 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Here is a poem I wrote about Freddy. May it do him justice.
As a child Freddy experienced
life like all the rest,
working hard every day
trying to be the best.
But somehow he was different
his desires came from within,
tugging at his very soul
thus, causing his journey to begin.
The smile Freddy had was contagious
witnessing what was in his heart,
his personality was kind and gracious
a loving friend right from the start.
Freddy never took "NO" for an answer
nothing was impossible to him,
the love he had for music
proved it again and again.
He was born in San Benito
a city he called his own
a city that embraced him
now has called him home.
From Waisted Days to Secret Love
he was our Inspiration,
now he sings with the angels above
to a Sacred Congregation.