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Friday, 15. December 2006 12:08 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Daughter Tammy
I wanted to write something to your family,reading your words it touched me so much,it's been almost 23 years ago i lost my dad and never ever in my life i felt so broken and lostand i think about him almost everday 7 years later i lost my mom and 4 years after her i lost my only brother ,i know what you are going trough,i feel for you [and your family].But believe me it will take a lot of time before time starts healing not a week not a few months maybe even some years,but i'm sure there wil be a day you wil look at the big sky and smile and say thank you dad for everything.When it is summer here in Holland and i'm in my garden sometimes i look to the sky and i have the feeling my dad is suprised what a beautiful garden i have and looking at me,he had only a smal one but loved it ,this are the little things that are always on my mind.It is al about knowing our beloved ones are with us somewhere above .You wil have al the beautiful memories from your dad ,the wonderful music and the beautiful DVD's and i'm sure the memories of a good life .I hope i use the good words to let you know what i feel and wish you and your family al the strenght you need
My thoughts are with you and your family
Love From Holland Elisabeth