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Paul Renteria 
East Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, 24. December 2006 14:44 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Mrs. Huerta,

My condolences, I had the pleasure of meeting Freddy on several occasions and then working with Freddy when I managed "Los Rock Angels", who opened on a few occassions for the "Texas Tornados"; you may have seen a few of our T-Shirts Freddy collected,,,,,,

Freddy and I would always discuss acting, as I really enjoyed his performance in my favorite movie, "The Milagro Beanfield War". Freddy told me he never saw his work in the movie "Who will Sing the Songs"; I mailed him a copy to Corpus Christi and I hope you both enjoyed it,,,,,,

My friend's wife passed away from cancer 14 years ago and we immediately played the last album left on the record player, which was Freddy's "After the next Teardrop Falls". The next night, we heard Freddy was performing with Little Joe, and Margarito, Joe's then Road Manager heard our story and introduced us to Freddy. Freddy was gracious enough to hear our story and sign the album for my friend's family,,,,,,

Meeting Freddy was a dream come true for me; as he continues to be an inspiration to us Chicanos, as he was a Great Actor & Musician,,,,,,

Merry Xmas