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coffy johnson 
san francisco
Monday, 25. December 2006 23:52 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

hi tia, it's me coffy. i just wanted to say i love you very much! i pray that god continues to bless you, all my primos y el todo familia! i'm sorry that tio freddy is no longer here with us... but you said it best when you said that he is in a better place! and i know that he will be by your side all the days of your life. i remember the first time i came to texas and we went to pick him up i had a blast and couldn't wait to come back!! i know we don't talk much and i guess that's well i don't really know why, but i do know that i think of you often very often as a matter of fact... your the only tia i have left in my life blood tia that is! i hope it would be ok with you sometime for me and my family to come down and visit i would love for you to meet my kids!! my mom loves you dearly and longs to hear you voice! i know thats between you and her but i see and hear it when she speaks of you and when you guys were young and everything about any memories she has. i love you no matter what and i know i don't talk to you or say i love you often.... i love you no less!!! feliz navidad y feliz ano nuevo tia te amo ..... and what's up cousins.....