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Philip Goldreich 
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Tuesday, 2. January 2007 08:47 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Peace and love to Freddy. He was my Twin and he new it too. He visited me often and alway was like a big brother to me. We became very god friends at charlie's and then he went his way and I went mine. He was very inspiring to me and also was the key note speaker to my R and R class when I got out of prison, At the Federal Building with Reuben and Edna. we were the fast and the furious. He brought me a roll of duct tape prior to my incarceration in 1992, and told me that, it was all i needed in prison. He was a true friend. I loved his purple house which eventually changed color on Ocean Drive, He will Live in my heart always.. Peace and love..The Pig