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Carole Canant 
Nea Orleans, Louisiana
Tuesday, 6. February 2007 09:28 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Vangie, I hope this Valentines day your heart is warmed by the memories of the love Baldemar always had for you. I'm sure this day was one of many that Baldemar thought of how lucky he was to have such a beautiful and caring wife. To stay home while Baldemar was on the road entertaining had to take a good and strong woman. Your life had to be lonely at times and I'm sure Baldemar knew that you were a gift from god. One that I,m sure he was very proud of. Always have that thought in your heart to take you through the rest of your life until you can one day be with Baldemar again in heavin. Vaya Con Dios from Freddys Fan and Yours Carole Canant