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Nora Nunez 
Selma, Ca
Monday, 12. February 2007 20:09 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

when i was a little girl my dad would say that him and Freddie were cousins but he was meaning that becuz they were both from Texas and when you find a Texan here in Cal. you say that there your "primos" So for a long time well in to my early 20 i always thought that Freddie was part of my family. Till about 3 years a go when my Dad said that it was just becuz they were from Texas that why he called him his cousins. But from that day on i still feelt that he was part of my family. So last night when i was wathing the Grammys and it came on saying that Freddie had passed i feelt that i lost an part of my family. But i thanks God for having him in my life with his songs that my dad would sing to me "befor the next tear drop falls" is one of my fav. This song is the song that me and my dad are going to dance to at my wedding. But thank you for all your years in our life Freddie you will be missed.

love always
Nora Nu?ez and my dad Daivd Nu?ez