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Yvette Michelle McClendon 
Tuesday, 20. March 2007 14:30 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

My heart as a fan&love of his music misses Freddy Fender but his music lives on for me too.As i am typing this i have Corina,Corina singing from Freddy Fender in my ears through headphones.No matter how life gets me down i listen to his music&Smile as if Freddy Fender is singing bringing me from sadness to happiness,I just have to Smile.I am 33yrs old but grew up dancing in the living room on the toes of my mom as his music sent Joy through Our Cajun Home.I read his story&how the Lord came to him.It touched me so much.I cried.May God Bless his family&close friends&the many fans that his music left a heart print apon.We Love You Freddy Fender As much in death as in Life.