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Chris Gonzalez 
Baldwin Park, CA
Tuesday, 17. April 2007 18:24 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Just re-purchased a copy of the first Texas Tornadoes CD and I have listened to it over and over, it brings back so many thoughts and memories of Freddy, and Doug and Augie and Flaco, my husband is from Mercedes, just down the road from San Benito, and I am a California girl, so I was introduced to Freddy's music back in '75 when we first met, and I have been a fan ever since, whenever Freddy played the local venues, we were always there, and the look of pride always shines in my husband's eyes when he is listening to Freddy and the boys, as he calls them, it always makes him a little homesick, we miss them so much, but thank God that his music is only a "button" away. We will be attending my husband's 40th class reunion in the Valley this summer, we hope to visit Freddy's grave. God bless Freddy's family.