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ontario canada
Saturday, 21. April 2007 14:48 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

hi...i met freddy fender as a young teen...i stood in line to get an autograph and a kiss...i remember his moustache tickled my lip..i went back to the lineup for another one... freddy is one of my all time favorite singers and brought me great peace and joy growing up...i still adore his songs...i always thought he was handsome and as a matter of fact i am listening to him sing right now as i write favorite tune by him is secret love...i always said i would meet him when i was grown up and i never got to do that...but he is still in my heart...his death has saddened me greatly...he had so much talent...sadly i lost my autograph of his on a move we made...but i will forever remember that concert and hold it deep in my heart...i know he is now in a better place but we his fans are still very saddened and will always love and miss him...