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Cindy Aguilera 
Claremont, CA
Saturday, 21. April 2007 23:16 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

My mom and I just found out about Freddy's passing. We are both so sad to hear about his battle with cancer that took his life. The year my father died in 2002 I took my mom to see Freddy in Laughlin, NV, because she talked so much about my dad taking her to see him in cooncert for many years in a row. Their song was "Tear drop" and when Freddy sang it that night, I could see many tears falling from my mom's eyes as she remembered last being there with dad. After the concert, I knew then why my parents loved to go see Freddy as many times as they did. He had a way with making everybody glow and smile as we all listened to him sing. Thank you so much for all the happy memories your husband has brought to my parents. We all love his music and he will always be remembered.