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Bobby Brown 
Hohenwald Tn
Sunday, 22. April 2007 19:29 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I am so sorry that freddy has passed away,he was the one that made my dad who he was before he died. he would always sit down and open him up a good cold one and drink it. while Freddy was singing.Freddy is one of the greatest singers i have always heard and was raised by.especially waisted days and wasted night is one of my greatest.i wish the family luck and all happiness, and i feel sorry for them,cause my father passed away when i was 13 yrs old,i was just a kid then.i was wanting one of freddy's signed autographs and a cd to remember him by.nobody will ever beat him.i never got to see freddy in person, but i know from the bottom tips of my heart if freddy is saved i wanna be with him someday.God bless.