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Ramiro Burr 
San Antono
Tuesday, 1. May 2007 19:56 Host: Write a comment

Freddy Fender H Award, Tribute: Augie, Ayala, Little Joe, Tierra and more
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Cinco de Mayo fests

Freddy Fender has not been forgotten, though he has passed on as reported here: Freddy Fender: Vaya con Dios

A few months ago, they released the first greatest hits CD after his death as we reported: New Freddy Fender CD?; Michelle and more

(Bob Owen/Staff)
Members of the Freddy Fender family, and Rev. Isaac Emeka Erondu, right, release white doves during Fender's funeral at San Benito City Cemetery, in the small south Texas town where he grew up, Oct. 18, 2006.

Now come several events surrounding the man and his legacy. First we have the 1st Annual Freddy Fender Humanitarian Award to

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