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Clive Garlow (Karonerora:kwe) 
Six Nations of the Grand River
Friday, 11. May 2007 12:39 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

There is no sadness in me for this man who gave so much to me (and so many others thru his music). I am a NOrth American Native living in Canada. I also am volunteer radio, announcer/dj with "KWE, 105.9 FM." A Native station on Tyendinega, Mohawk Territory in the beautiful Bay of Quinte. My thank you will be in the form of a musical presentation of Freddy's music on the first available time slot I can manage. It may not sound like much to some as we Onkwehone:we tend to say things succinctly - thus, to Freddy,a simple but heartfelt "thank you" (Nia:wen) for so many years of his beautiful voice.