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Tessi Roblez 
Monday, 11. June 2007 02:22 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I just read the e-mail that was sent a couple of days ago. regarding the article on Valley Morning Star, "Peace after a painful struggle" and You know my heart goes out to You and your family because We know how much it hurts to go on without someone that your so use to seeing and talkin to ,growin up with.. the lost of my 3 aunts to cancer, my Grandmother, and my brother who was murderd. but they r in heaven but i sure wish they didn't have to go becuase the loss of a loved one so close ..takes so long to get over and really live life again. thou sometimes it doesn't feel that it isn't fair ,but what can we do but to cry and feel the loss all over again and turn to the lord for his blessings. May the lord bless you all!