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John Love 
Orangevale Ca
Friday, 29. June 2007 03:09 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I've listened to Freddy's music longer than I can remember. In the late 1980s I met Freddy at Yokota Air Base Japan where he was doing concerts for several nights. After his show at the NCO Club Freddy and I would go to the bars in the town of Fussa and party hard. He and I talked of many things in his life including his time in the Marines. I was a First Sergeant and Freddy told me that although he had gotten in trouble for drinking and fighting, his First Sergeant had treated him fairly and had stuck up for him. Freddy's music is great but Freddy is a wonderful person and I will always consider him a friend as well. By the way I did not know until reading this guestbook that he and I have the same birthday, June 4. He was exactly ten years older than me. Maybe the reason that we hit it off so well was our sharing a birthday. My love to Freddy and his family.