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Tammy Huerta Mallini 
Monday, 16. July 2007 22:02 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

There is a small comfort in knowing that one is not alone and feeling down.

I always say that, "when times are good there are great, but when times are bad it seems like it cannot feel any worse."
Unfortunately, this is one of the bad times that will be with us for a very long time maybe it never goes a way.

I cannot see his movies or really listen to his songs. But what does carry me is listening to his Christian CD "Coming Home". I did not listen to it until after he died. Had I known how beautiful and upbeat it was and how it just picks me up as if I want to dance along. I would have had my father sing it to me.

I know he wrote much of the songs. One chorus goes like this "How can i sing a sad song-when Jesus is living in me"
Another great line is "He gave me grace in place of mourning." The CD makes u sing along with Freddy. I hear it in my car as i drive. The songs stick to your memory all day.
I think of Freddy everyday and give him a kiss and talk to him.
Sorry, for you feeling blue. Hope this helps a little to know you are not alone.
Tammy Huerta Mallini