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Andres Quinones 
califas (originally El Paso)
Sunday, 16. September 2007 12:39 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Freddy Fender was the "peoples singer". Everyone called him "freddy" as a family member would. In every aspect of my life, he was there. I recalled sending my parents two times in a row, for thier anniversary, to Freddys concerts at Stevens Steakhouse in California. My father both times came back with pictures of him and Freddy saying, "Freddy remembered me". As a Christian, I was recently handed a beautiful copy of a Freddy Fender recording for Christ. God bless you Freddy Fender, you have always been, and will be, a part of our family. You are not a legend my brother, you are a LEGACY. Let me know if anyone has any info on Freddys recordings for Christ. Im not finding anything. To the Fender family, whats better in life than to KNOW that this great artist is now singing for Christ? Be at peace and love him as we though hes still here with us.