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J. Hamrit 
Saturday, 3. November 2007 13:09 Host: Write a comment

Dear Vanna,
Your sweet words concerning your grandfather make deep impression on me. Such tender words from a 16 years old girl.
And I am convinced that your Granddad was absolutely the most proudest grandfather in the whole world for having a sweet granddaughter like you. Even now. From above.
And you are so right to say 'he was not just a singer', but he was our Dad, Granddad and we loved him so much. We still do. And we'll always do.
And it is to us to thank all of you that you have shared him with us.
Ordinary people from all over the world which also loved him.
For his individuality and his wunderful songs.
Work and study hard for a beautiful live so that you make your Grandfather (and Grandmother) even more proud than he already was!