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Rita Jo Sosa-Carver 
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Tuesday, 8. January 2008 17:57 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

My heart still rejoices in the music of this great man. We rumba, we waltz, dance the rancheros and just reminisce. Freddy Fender and his music walked my whole young adult years, through my first true love to my present husband. His song lyrics mark the adventures of my life. I saw him in concert everytime I got the chance. Even had the opportunity to kiss his cheek and tell him I loved Him. My first date with my husband was to a concert at NMSU on the 4th of July. When he died, it was on my 11th wedding anniversary. I cried for a week straight, my children thought I was crazy! They just didn't understand. Christmas 2006 I took Baldamero Huerta CD to Mexico for Christmas and danced the week away, toasting my favorite. Today I'm working with His music "Close to my heart" cranked as loud as I can get away with....and today he's still my secret love! To God be the Glory for the things He has done for us. Thank you Lord for the beauty of this man, and for the music that lives on to bless our lives. To the Huerta Family I can only imagine how much you miss him, I pray that you have joy in remembering him. Con Carino...Siempre, Rita Jo