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Mark Hutchens 
Greeneville Tennessee
Sunday, 15. October 2006 05:14 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

To Mr Fender and Familiy
You have my Depest condlences and prayors, You will be in our prayors, as I will also greave along with you. My pain that I feel is nowhere near what you are experienceing, but I do feel the pain as I have lost not only one of my favorite singers, but a brother as well.
Freddy and I although we never knew each other personally both belong to the greatist brotherhood in the world, The United States Armed Forces.
Good bye my brother, Rest in Peace, as your duty here on earth is done, Stand down for we will take up the watch for you now, as you sing in heaven the Angels will now enjoy your music.
God Be With you and your Familiy,
Mark Hutchens
USAF 77-80
Patriot Guard Riders
Disabled American Veterans
Rolling Thunder,