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jonathan gatenby 
darlington, uk
Thursday, 25. September 2008 17:41 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

While I was working at sea for 32 years, freddy's cheered me up when i was homesick amd kept me going.Then later in life when i was disabled out, and my forst divorce came, i constantly played when the next teardrop falls, and that helped me through it. Now I am maried to a wonderful american lady over here, and still listen every day to freddy's music to try and forget my many illnesses and carry on. I wish Freddy could come and do concerts in the uk, preferably close to here as i can not travel far, but i gues i won;t get th chance to se him live now. I would liketo thank you freddy for all the times your music gave me hope, comfort and great great pleasure ( which it still does of course). I pray that you and your amily continue to lead a happyand healthy life and may god bless you for your gift of great happiness that you have shared with so many people