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Marla Huerta Garcia 
Victoria, TX
Tuesday, 14. October 2008 18:20 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I have thought about what to write all day...all year. Yet, here we are again with another year gone by without you but loosing you still feels so recent. These two years have been hard and painful. The girls and i miss you so much and with every passing day and holiday i find it harder to be strong and harder to hold back the tears. The girls are finally starting to cheer up and i guess thats what makes it hard for me because i have held it together for them to this point and my own greiving is taking its toll. You were a great father and the best grandfather, the girls were so lucky to have you in their lives i only wish it could have been a little longer we were not ready but i guess no one ever really is. I tell the girls and myslef that you are beside God now and your soul at peace. I will never let the girls forget you and i think about you always. I love you Dad!