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Derek Armstrong 
Wylie, Tx
Friday, 18. September 2009 11:27 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Freddie lives forever. The first time ever heard of Freddie I was about 9 yrs old. In South Texas at my Aunts cafe in Three Rivers TX. The Antler Inn. I was in the back room and meeting or large group room with a pool table and juke box. 10 cents got me 3 songs. I think I put deep groves in Wasted days and wasted nights.
I was singing that song and playing pool when this big haired Spanish guy came in and asked if he could play a game with me. I said sure but I aint no good. And I kept on singing. Then this guy busted out singing with me and WOW could he sing. Dang it even sounded like the guy on the record.
We finished the game and he asked if I would go look out the window. There was a big motor home and his name on it.
Talk about being shocked. This guy said Yes, that is me you have been singing.
I am now 44 years old now. And I remember it like it was yesterday. He took me outside and went through the motor home and gave me a record he signed both the cover and the record.
I wore it out as a kid and good old mom stored it years later when I went into the Army. Well heat and weather trashed it. But I still have the memories of it all happening.
Freddie you are missed