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Sunday, 27. June 2010 14:38 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Back in the late 70s? While driving in my Mustang to New Hampshire to pick up my mom, I was about 22 or so... we started flirting with a young man on a bus.
Originally we thought it was a sports team. My friend & I were having so much fun, we went all the way to Auburn Maine before we decided my Mom was going to kill us for being so late... Probably 2 hours past our destination...

Anyway, as I pulled into the rest stop to turn around, I noticed the sign on the front of the bus...

I said to my friend "S#!t it's Freddie Fender!!

He wasn't the flirty one, but long story short, we went on the bus and met Freddy. He was so genuinely nice, I have never forgotten that adventure.

Freddy invited us (and my Mom) to Fryeburg where he was headed to play the Fryeburg Fair. We regretfully declined.

My mom was and was about to call the state police. She got over it, but it was a while.

Hoping Freddy is doing well. Much respect.