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Ruben Rivera 
Corpus Christi, TX
Thursday, 14. October 2010 20:24 Host: Write a comment

My name is Ruben Rivera, four years ago today, Freddy went to be with the lord. I thank God for the time that we had together. He was a great blessing in my life. It was an honor to have been the one to get to restore his Motorcycle for the Museum. I praise God that he attended the Mighty Warrior's of God ministry once a month.

It was a lot of fun being around Freddy. He was always a great encouragement to people that got to meet him. I will always remember him because of his sweet spirit. He was always able to get a laugh out of me no matter how down I felt. He never let his popularity go to his head. We could sit around for hours or days or weeks talking about anything. He was very down to earth and had a humble spirit.

Even though I greatly enjoyed our time together here on this earth. When it is my time to go and be with our Lord I know Freddy will be there and we will meet again.