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Grasshopper Fender 
yours and mine
Tuesday, 22. March 2011 20:12 Host: Write a comment

Hi grandpa i just want to tell u that i love you and that i miss u.. its been a few months since i wrote and i know u are in heaven looking down and reading what people write in ur guest book. It is hard for me to see and hear ur music still because u have effected my life so much and still effect it that i cant, after about 5 years comprehend why god took u from the world. when i hear the name princess of tex mex it not only reminds me of u but it reminds me why i was called that, but i am ur granddaughter and so that name would go with me because i have ur blood running through my veins. but i no longer want to have that title because i am not the only one who has that name and we all know who that is.. i would rather be called the last name that u gave me and that is the name i will take to my grave and that is "grasshopper" and i love grandma for giving me the best christmas gift that i could have gotten and that is a grasshopper necklace and i hang it up so that everyday it will remind me of u forever.

i love u forever and always..
grasshopper fender