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Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, 25. March 2012 19:02 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was over to Wal-Mart getting a few groceries today and browsed through the music section when I spotted the Best of Freddie Fender CD. I have a collection of 50s, 60s & 70s music with about 8,000 titles. Freddie is among them but I had long since misplaced this album. Nice to have it back. I am a volunteer dj/announcer with the Mohawk community radio station KWE 105.9 FM on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory just outside of Belleville. I do a show called, "The Saturday Afternoon Rock & Roll Oldies Show. You can bet, Freddie has always been on my playlist and surprisingly enough, many listeners would call in requesting his tunes. I always told them when they did, that they had great taste in music. Personally, Freddie has always been one of my favourites ever since I heard "Before The Next Teardrop Falls." It also has a very special meaning for me as well. That, I'll keep to myself. I know, wherever good music is, Freddie will always be a part of it. I would like to thank him for being a part of some of the greatest memories of my life. will ALWAYS be on my playlist.

I am,

Clive "O" - "Tyendinaga's Cutest Little Fat Kid." By the way, Bellevile is only 2 hours east of Toronto.