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Frances Huijsing 
The Hague, The Netherlands
Friday, 5. September 2014 11:17 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was born in '69. His music , his voice and beautiful lyrics gives me the warmest feeling, when I am happy or when I am sad. It feels like a warm blanket. I can feel his honesty. It is almost like he is a father to me. I love his music very much, from the beginning , since I was a little girl and I appreciate his music even more now, due my life experience. I feel very sad that he is no longer with us anymore. Gosh how I would have loved to join a concert of him. Sweet Freddy, rest in peace, God Bless You. Muchos besos. Your spirit will never die and you Always will be remembered. Your family must miss you very much. You are a great person. Thank you so much for your beautiful energie. I hope one day we will meet in heaven. Much love to the family xxx´╗┐