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Glroia Charles de Trevizo 
Billings, MT
Sunday, 15. October 2006 13:52 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

To the Huerta family, Freddy was an idol in our home, when we lived in Mexico and in Montana. Our prayers go out to you all for such a great loss. I am a born Texan from Seagraves. My parents were from Texas also, so that tells you how much Freddy Fender was part of our culture as we were growing up. May Freddy go and sing for them again. May God Bless him in heaven with all of the riches that he deserves. Freddy proved on earth that one can make their dreams come true, if you believein yourself no matter where we come from. Now that Freddy is Knocking on Heaven's Door. Vaya con Dios nuestro amigo querido.