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Michael Gonzalez 
Fremont, California
Sunday, 15. October 2006 17:59 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Sharing a moment. I received a phone call this morning about the news. I was sad for a moment, but I have been reading the news updates and realized what was happening. The sadness vanished as I looked back at my life and realized I was a Freddy Fender groupie for 33 years and proud to be one. I seen Freddy perform live at the county fairs and Reno, Freddy was surely a singing peace of heaven, then I had the pleasure of meeting Freddy a couple of years ago three times. I called it the Freddie Triangle, that summer I saw him perform in Santa Clara, Reno, then Lodi. I am proud of you Freddy and the Huerta family for sharing your gift with us your millions of fans "Via Con Dios Mi Freddie" Say hello to my brother, brother.