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David Barrientes 
Hammond, IN.
Sunday, 15. October 2006 18:30 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I am so very proud to be family to Freddy. He and my dad(Jesus L. Barrientes his cousin) grew up together in San Benito. I have fond memories of my cousin,that i only met once here in Indiana at a county fair. My dad would always play his music(and my dad had all his records)when either doing work around the house or listening for his songs on the radio. My parents would always go to his concerts when he came to the Chicago area. He was always gonna come to the house to visit,but the busy road never aloud him Freddy we will always miss you dearly! And to my Huerta familia,we may have lost his presence but he will always be in our hearts and minds. He touched a lot of peoples lives,including mine and that is what i am so very proud of too! Via con dios-Freddy and god bless to my familia!