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I have been of fan of Freddy Fender since I was a little girl, my grandmother and my mother and all her sisters raised us on his music, his music is truly one of my fondest memories of growing up and running around in my grandmother's back yard during family reunions and birthdays, we would dance in the garage to his music. His music was a big and still is in my is one of the fondest memories I have of my grandmother when I was a little girl, I lost my grandmother to cancer last year and listening to Mr. Fender's music always reminded me that she was always near, and so at this time of loss, it does sadden me to know that he has passed, but he does live on through his music and to this very day my daughter who is two loves to dance in the kitchen to his songs, Thank you Mr. Fender for all the great memories you have given me and my family through your will forever be in my heart!