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Eleanor Bridges 
Truro, Nova Scotia Canada
Thursday, 6. December 2012 10:50 Host: Write a comment

Nice to see the photo I gave Freddy the night of his performance, years ago, in Laugh NV, has been put to good use. I saw it on an uploaded Music Video (I'll get link), and saw it years ago, and again today on your pg 1. Freddy looks great in that photo, so I am glad that I returned the second night of his performance to give him a bunch of the Entertainment Guides for Laugh, which had a full page photo of Freddy on its back cover. I have posted his, Wasted Days and Wasted Nights', Music Video, witch also hosts the same photo at the end of the song. Hope you are doing fine. Hope you put at least one of Freddy's favorite recipes online...I for 1, am still looking fer it, and looking forward to it. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year 2013..the years are creeping up. Eleanor Bridges

Uploaded by reyesm13 on Jun 20, 2007

Note: Your site will not take the full accurate spelling of Laugh* in, NV, so I had to adjust the spelling of it, in order to insert it. Just add it to your speller, so every one will know where Freddy sang.