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San Francisco, CA
Monday, 16. October 2006 09:50 IP: Write a comment

It?s a beautiful testament to Freddy and his music when you read all the sentiments of those who have experienced his music in their lives.
I remember as a child when our family would gather for the holidays my brothers would bring their guitars and amplifiers and set up in the living room. All of the seniors would be sitting on the sofas and the kids sat and gathered were they could.
My brother would start singing and playing Freddy?s songs, Freddy?s songs were family favorites being from Texas and all. Eventually you would see my dad dancing with my mom and aunts and uncles doing the same!
Freddy your music instilled a since of pride in all of us, you were like a brother and a son to so many families.
From the cotton fields to music?s Hall of Fame your life is an example of, ?Si se puede!?

God shared you with the world when you were present with us and He continues to share you with the world while you are in heaven. Your life continues to be a blessing and what a beautiful and wonderful testament to you, your music and your life!

You will be missed.