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Christine Cortez 
Anaheim, CA
Monday, 16. October 2006 11:14 IP: Write a comment

"Freddy Fender of the Hollywood" is what I called him as a little girl my mom tells me and she does not know where I got this from. Thanks to my mom and dad's love for him & his music, I too became a huge fan @ the age of three. I was fortunate enough to attend two of his concerts with my mom, was able to meet him and shake his hand. My mom would joke and say he was my real dad who passed in 2005 never made it to any of his concerts but we know Freddy is singing for him right now. When we heard Freddy passed my mom and I went to my aunts house had his autographed picture up,his music playing,some drinks, and reminisced(she remembers the way she and my dad danced to each of his songs). He will always be in our hearts and his music forever in our lives. Thank you Freddy Fender for your GREAT music and memories you created for my family. Huerta family- May God give you strength.